What are your goals for 2021?

We can all agree 2020 was an unimaginable year. At the start of the year, I was becoming more comfortable at my first big girl job, adapting to new experiences in the city; pretty much launching myself into true adulthood. Never would I’ve thought my days would be working from home with no end in sight; just a CTRL +C and CTRL +V of the day before and going months (now a year) from seeing some of my friends and family. At first I didn’t mind waking up a few minutes before clocking in, spending all day in my pjs, and not having a 4 hour daily commute. We are coming close to hitting one year since the start of the pandemic and this routine is beyond old.

For the sake of my mental health, I decided to think of what I could do differently this year even if it’s from the comfort of my living room/office. My first venture has been creating this website/blog. Even though I’m still trying to find the purpose of this website, I thought it would fun to share my interests and experiences with strangers (gotta love the internet). So as I continue to map out my goals for this year, what are some of yours? Comment below to inspire.

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